Pregnancy Discrimination Solicitors in Penrith

Different treatment at work due to pregnancy or maternity can be difficult and stressful. This is also known as pregnancy discrimination and can be acted upon.

If you find that your employer or colleagues are making hateful comments about your pregnancy and your abilities in your work as a result of your pregnancy, you can that action.

If you are not receiving any training or promotion opportunities during or after your pregnancy as a direct result of your pregnancy then you can that action.

If you are dismissed during or after maternity leave in favour of someone covering your role or if you are made redundant because of pregnancy or issues surrounding your maternity leave, you can that action.

You can attempt to negotiate this matter internally with an informal discussion or raising a grievance, however, sometimes the matter can go beyond this and submitting a claim for discrimination or unfair dismissal is the only option. SDM Legal are here in Penrith to offer friendly and calm advice to be sure you are getting the right treatment you deserve.

With formal action, SDM Legal can help in contacting your employer on your behalf to formally resolve the issue. We can manage your case from start to finish and with our experience in employment and discrimination law we can help you, just as we have helped many others in Penrith.

So, if you have experienced any discrimination as a result of your pregnancy or maternity leave, speak to SDM Legal in Penrith today and we can look to support you and help you reach a resolution.