Will/Probate Disputes

Family relationships are often complicated and we understand that any dispute involving a will or indeed the absence of a will for a family member will require both discretion and a pragmatic approach.

Bereavement is a traumatic event, unfortunately there can often be a dispute that will increase the strain at an already difficult time.
Our focus is on finding a solution. We will only act in Probate disputes where we believe that our client’s position is necessary. We are reluctant to act in speculative or inappropriate claims and will take our time to ensure that you have a strong claim or a strong defence to a potential claim.

We are reluctant to involve ourselves in disputes that are motivated because of a perception that someone’s last will and testament is “unfair” or “not what they would have wanted”. Please take care to consider whether your grievances are genuine before contacting us. A dispute over somebody’s estate is likely to be extremely divisive and should be entered into as a last resort.

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