Boundary/Neighbour Disputes

Unfortunately, sometimes neighbours have good reason to fall out, regrettably sometimes legal advice is necessary, but we must be clear in providing our warning to you that if you find yourself potentially in a dispute with your neighbour then you should try to resolve the dispute in any way possible before involving a solicitor.

We try not to accept instructions in disputes between neighbours. We are reluctant to involve ourselves in them as they are notoriously divisive, expensive and often their cost is out of all proportion to the underlying dispute.

We have successfully assisted a number of people over the years in disputes with their neighbours, but we can only repeat our reluctance to do so. If the matter cannot be resolved without the involvement of solicitors then we will work with you to try and identify the most cost effective and pragmatic solution to your dispute.

We have assisted with disputes over ownership of land, the location of boundaries between properties, the enforcement of covenants, the use of land, rights of way, rights of light and rights of support. We will work with you and where appropriate with your insurer to protect your interests.

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