Wrongful Dismissal

Wrongful Dismissal is often confused with Unfair Dismissal but they are in fact completely separate causes of action. In addition to the statutory right of qualifying employees not to be unfairly dismissed, all employees have the right not to be dismissed in breach of their contracts of employment – i.e. the right not to be Wrongfully Dismissed.

Examples of Wrongful Dismissals include:

  • dismissing an employee in breach of their contractual notice period (either by giving no notice or short notice)
  • early termination of a fixed term contract (in the absence of an early termination clause)
  • dismissal in breach of another contractual provision such as breach of a contractual disciplinary or redundancy policy.

If you have been dismissed in breach of your contract of employment, we can assist you in bringing a claim for damages to compensate you for your losses and to contact our Employment Team, please complete our online contact form.

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