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Redundancy dismissals are sadly increasingly common and can be extremely distressing for the employees concerned. If you have recently been made redundant, our experienced solicitors can provide expert advice and can claim compensation for unfair dismissal for you if your rights have been infringed. Any employee who is made redundant is entitled to a fair process, including a period of consultation before any decision to dismiss is taken, fair application of selection criteria, time off to look for a new job, consideration of alternatives to the redundancy (e.g. moving to an alternative job with the same employer) and a right of appeal.

Employees also have the right not to be selected for redundancy on any discriminatory grounds such as on the grounds of their pregnancy.

In certain cases, where the employer proposes to make 20 or more employees redundant, the employer also has to collectively consult with the employees’ trade union or elected employee representatives and if this does not happen (as can often be the case) the employees concerned may be entitled to a Protective Award of up to 90 days’ pay.

If you are an employee looking for advice on Protective Awards and Class Actions, please click here.

How much redundancy pay am I entitled to?

If you have been employed continuously by the same employer for 2 years or more, you should be entitled to a (tax free) statutory redundancy payment based on your salary, age and length of service. The maximum statutory redundancy payment is approximately £15,000 although you may also be entitled to a contractual redundancy payment if there is a contractual redundancy scheme in force. In addition, employees are entitled to notice pay and if the redundancy is unfair, they may also be entitled to compensation for unfair dismissal including compensation for future loss of earnings.

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