Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

Dealing with disciplinary and grievance investigations or hearings can be challenging for employers, not least because of the complex legal framework that must be followed and the time-consuming nature of dealing with such issues.

We provide advice to our clients on all aspects of dealing with disciplinary and grievance issues from the investigatory stage to disciplinary/grievance hearings and issuing disciplinary sanctions, including dismissal. We also advise on issues such as how to conduct an effective investigation, whether to suspend the employee(s) concerned, the role of Trade Unions/accompanying co-workers, the burden of proof and how to make a decision, overlapping disciplinary and grievance issues and dealing with multiple grievances.

We advise employers in dealing with these issues and can also step in and if required we can deal with them ourselves, drafting appropriate correspondence and chairing grievance and disciplinary hearings. We ensure that our clients’ positions are robustly protected by advising not only on the legal position but also tactically as well.

We can also provide businesses with disciplinary and grievance procedures to use and also draft all relevant correspondence throughout the process and we offer training to businesses on dealing with these issues.

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Head of Respondent Litigation

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